July/August 2019

 July/August 2019

Issue Features

Cover Species: Northern Bobwhite by Matt Wetrich

Birding on Safari by Jim Briggs

'Shooting' Birds on Texas Photography Ranches by Brian Loflin

A Slant of Certain Light by Gina Marie Bernard

Once common and frequently heard, conservation efforts are underway to help northern bobwhites, a species in steep decline. Photo by A. Morffew / Wikimedia.

In the Backyard

Paging Doctor Pigeon by Hank Weber

Seasons of Bloom and Fade by Lori Rossbach

My Little Sit by Jerry L. Haag

My Way: DIY Nyjer Catcher by Shirley Lockhart

What causes bill deformity, and how do those poor birds survive? Ornithologist Dr. David Bird investigates and chats with researchers.

Columns & Departments

In Memoriam: Bill Thompson, III

Letters from Readers

Quick Takes by Paul J. Baicich

Migrations: The Dangerous Adolescence of a Nature Geek by Scott Weidensaul

ID Yourself: A Change of Outfits for the Shorebirds by Alvaro Jaramillo

Spotlight on Mississippi

Birders Question Mark by Mark S. Garland

Pete's Tips: A Guide to Field Guides by Pete Dunne

True Nature: The Divine, Underfoot: Klamath by Julie Zickefoose

Birding Photography: Using Teleconverters to Extend Your Reach by Jim McCormac

Far Afield: Birding the Las Vegas Area by William A. Young

Listening to an Enchanted Stump by Al Batt

Watching Bird Behavior: Deformed Bills by David M. Bird

The Well-Equipped Birder: New-fangled Mosquito Repellents by Dawn Hewitt

Book Notes

BWD editor Bill Thompson, III.

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