November/December 2019

 November/December 2019

Issue Features

Gracious Undertakers of the Bird World by Eli J. Knapp

Confessions of a Birding Priest by Father Tom Margevičius

Hearing an Owl's Wingbeat by Pete Sole

El Clarinete (the Greattailed Grackle) by Tom Dollar

A Bird Worth the Effort by William Haffey

Even the ordained partake in bad birder behavior from time to time. Father Tom Margevičius seeks absolution for his 10 “ornithological sins”—transgressions many of us bird watchers are occasionally guilty of. Photo by Adobe stock.

In the Backyard

To Feed or Not to Feed: That Is a Good Question by Hank Weber

The Humble Chimney Swift: Spark Bird at Risk by Jane Henderson

Jim McCormac explains how strategically positioning yourself near the flora birds love and then patiently waiting for avian visitors is sure to improve your chances of getting close, natural shots of an often-wary subject. Photo by B. Thompson, III.

Columns & Departments

Letters from Readers

Quick Takes by Paul J. Baicich

Migrations: A Rehabber's Scars: More Than Skin Deep by Scott Weidensaul

True Nature/Cover Blue Jay: Vigilance and Intelligence by Julie Zickefoose

Identify Yourself: Identifying the Adorables: Chickadees by Alvaro Jaramillo

Birders Question Mark by Mark S. Garland

Pete's Tips: Write by Pete Dunne

Spotlight on Maryland

Birding Photography: Botanical Hotspots: Let the Birds Come to You! by Jim McCormac

Far Afield: Birds on Ice(land) by Chuck Graham

Merry Melodies and Meadowlark Memories by Al Batt

Watching Bird Behavior: Geese Behaving Badly by David M. Bird

The Well-Equipped Birder: Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders by Dawn Hewitt and Bruce Wunderlich

Book Notes

Redstart Birding

In this excerpt from her recently published book, Jemima: Life and Love with a Hard-Luck Jay, Julie Zickefoose shares one of the many lessons the young, orphaned Jemima taught her: No one needs to teach a jay how to be a jay. Photo by J. Zickefoose.

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