September/October 2019

 September/October 2019

Issue Features

Cover Species: Northern Goshawk: Killing Machine by Pete Dunne

New Life After Hurricane Sandy by JoAnne Castagna

Optics Review: Mid-Sized Binoculars by Diane & Michael Porter

In the market for some lightweight, easily portable mid-sized binoculars? Optics experts Diane and Michael Porter present a side-by-side comparison of 13 models of 8x32 bins so you can make an informed decision.

In the Backyard

Right in My Own Backyard! by Martha Vannoy

My Way: Jammed Seed Tweaker by Robert Heltman

Sparse Sparrows: Some Thoughts from the Old World by Nick Hammond

The American oystercatcher and other shorebirds of special concern are benefitting from an Army Corp beach nourishment project that repaired 21 miles of shoreline damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Columns & Departments

Elsa Thompson: A Woman for All Seasons by Wendy Clark

Letters from Readers

Quick Takes by Paul J. Baicich

Migrations: The Real Pampas by Scott Weidensaul

ID Yourself: Streaky Spizella by Alvaro Jaramillo

Birders Question Mark by Mark S. Garland

True Nature: The Healing Cage by Julie Zickefoose

Far Afield: Florida Panhandle Birding by Thomas V.Ress

Bird Photography: The Big Picture: Bird Habitat by Jim McCormac

Spotlight on Arizona

Pete's Tips: Personalizing Your Field Guide by Pete Dunne

I Keep a Bird List (I Should Keep a Birder List, Too) by Al Batt

Watching Bird Behavior: North America's 10 Most Interesting Birds by David M. Bird

The Well-Equipped Birder: Lowa Hiking Boots by Dawn Hewitt

Book Notes

Redstart Birding

On May 25, 2019, Elsa Thompson, co-founder and beloved matriarch of Bird Watcher's Digest, passed away unexpectedly. Read a touching tribute by publisher Wendy Clark.

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