April 2020

 April 2020

Issue Features

Species Profile: Phoebe Magic by Julie Zickefoose

Watcher at the Window: Feeders Provide Lessons on Bird Life by Julie Zickefoose

Sky Watching: A Backyard Bird Bonanza by Eirik A.T. Blom

A Cardinal Loss by Nancy Castillo

The Nursery Outside My Window by Stella Craig

Ask Birdsquatch

Short Stories from Al by Al Batt

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Backyard by Bill Thompson, III

Author, artist, and naturalist Julie Zickefoose credits the eastern phoebe with inspiring a name for her firstborn and compelling her to buy a house. How can a person base such momentous decisions on such a nondescript little flycatcher? You'd have to know the phoebe. Photo by Wikimedia commons.


Editor's Note

Bird Bites: Bluebird Boxes and Spring Housecleaning

Are you a bluebird landlord? Watching Backyard Birds recommends emptying and cleaning your nest boxes soon—before nesting season starts. Remove the old nest, sweep out residual waste material, and you're done.

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