August 2021

 August 2021

Issue Features

Species Profile: Humming Along: Hummingbirds touch us in ways no other birds do, by Eirik A.T. Blom

Readers Write: Birth of a Bird Watcher, by Kathy Bunse

Nesting Is Slowing Down, but It's Not Over Yet, by Scott Shalaway

Watcher at the Window: Little Luxuries, by Julie Zickefoose

Top 10 Things to Watch for in late Summer, by Bill Thompson III and BWD staff

Short Stories from Al, by Al Batt

Ask Birdsquatch

Impossible. Unbirdlike. Fearless. Call them what you will—hummingbirds touch us in ways no other birds do. Photo by Shutterstock.


Editor's Note

Thanks to our sponsors: Lightbrown, Celestron, and Redstart Birding

One of life's little luxuries: Hearing the ruffle of bird wings at a bird bath. Photo by Shutterstock.

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