December 2015

 December 2015

Issue Features

Red-bellied Woodpeckers by Dawn Hewitt

Watcher at the Window: Wildlife Rumbles: Wild Turkey vs. Turkey Vulture by Julie Zickefoose

A Junco of a Different Color by Jackie Berkebile

Readers Write: Front Yard Birding in Northern New Mexico by Susan Wider

Photo Blog: Winter Yard Birds of the Grand Tetons by Mike Jackson

Ask Birdsquatch: Bird Watching on a Budget

Winter Work by Al Batt

Holiday Tree for the Birds by Wendy Clark

Red-bellied woodpeckers are omnivores, and frequent visitors to seed and suet feeders. Photo by Julie Zickefoose.


Editor's Note

Birdbites: It's Always a Good Time for a Nest Box!

People may tell you that nest boxes must be put up in the springtime, when birds start to sing, mate, and build nests. Actually, nest boxes can be put up any time of year.

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