December 2016

 December 2016

Issue Features

Species Profile: Evening Grosbeak: Bird Lovers' Winter Finch by Eirik A.T. Blom

Watcher at the Window Lessons from Garrett, the Redheaded Woodpecker by Julie Zickefoose

Readers Write: Mob Behavior—The Rule of the Masses by Hank Weber

Photo Blog: New Hampshire Backyard Birds by Amy Kane

Ask Birdsquatch: Red-breasted Nuthatches, and Insect Eaters in Winter!

Cozy Winter Housing for Birds by Bill Thompson, III

More Short Stories by Al Batt

A few decades ago, evening grosbeaks turned up in big numbers at feeders every few years in the lower Great Plains, Midwest, and Southeast. Then, for reasons unknown, they stopped. Could this be the winter those big, noisy, yellow birds return? Let's hope so! Evening grosbeak photo by Cephas / Wikimedia


Editor’s Note

BIRDbites: Project FeederWatch

You can turn your hobby of watching the birds at your feeder into genuine science by participating in Project FeederWatch. White-breasted nuthatch photo by Heather Poole.

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