December 2017

 December 2017

Issue Features

Jays: At the Table and in the Trees by Howard Youth and Dawn Hewitt

Silk: An Appreciation of Blue Jays by Diane Porter

Watcher at the Window: Turning the Tables by Julie Zickefoose

Readers Write: There’s a Party in Our Yard by Addie Norman Patuto

My Backyard: A Photo Essay by Karen Marie Moning

Top 10 Foods for Winter Bird Feeding by Bill Thompson, III

Ask Birdsquatch: No Birds at the Feeder

Short Stories from Al by Al Batt

Most easterners recognize the blue jay, and those who feed birds enjoy their antics at the feeders. In the West, Steller's jays can dominate feeders. But there are seven other species of jay in North America—all of which are colorful and fun to watch. Photo by MDF / Wikimedia.


Editor's Note

BIRDBites: Best Holiday Tree for the Birds, and Holiday Decorations for Birds

A Carolina chickadee enjoys a treat made from pinecones and bird seed.

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