February 2019

 February 2019

Issue Features

Species Profile: Pine Siskin: Perfect Feeder Visitor by Eirik A.T. Blom

Watcher at the Window: Looking and Listening for Spring by Julie Zickefoose

Readers Write: Flickers: Undulating Along by Stella Craig

Top 10 Ways to Help Birds in Bad Weather by Bill Thompson, III

Early Birds by Julie Zickefoose

Ask Birdsquatch

Short Stories from Al by Al Batt

How Birds Stay Warm in Winter by Jackie Berkebile

A winter visitor from the north, pine siskins are often overlooked at thistle feeders, but they are interesting little birds. Photo by Bruce Gill.


Editor's Note: The Hopeful Season

Bird Bites: House Finches and Winter Weather; Great Backyard Bird Count is February 15-18; Watch For Winter Warblers

Many birds prepare for the rigors of winter by adding weight in the form of fat layers. The house finch has a different approach. Photo by Adobe Stock.

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