February 2021

 February 2021

Issue Features

Species Profile: White-throated Sparrow: Two Distinct Flavors by Eirik A.T. Blom

Top 10 Hard-to-Get Feeder Birds (and How to Get Them!) by Bill Thompson, III

Plan Now for Next Year's Bird Garden by Jackie Berkebile

Watcher at the Window: Mixing it Up at the Feeders by Julie Zickefoose

Is There a Screech-owl in Your Neighborhood? by Bill Thompson, III

Short Stories from Al by Al Batt

Ask Birdsquatch

Regardless of whether whitethroats are of the white-striped or tan-striped variety, their song—one of the few heard this time of year—is a reminder that winter is a passing season, and the return of spring is inevitable.


Editor's Note

Bird Bites: Listen for Early Birds

Redstart Birding

Across much of the United States, some birds always seem to rush nesting season; they can be heard singing even as February snow flies. The northern cardinal leads the pack of early singers.