June 2017

 June 2017

Issue Features

Species Profile: Tree Swallows: Making Themselves at Home by Eirik A.T. Blom

Watcher at the Window: Baby Season by Julie Zickefoose

Readers Write: An Almost-Proven Theory by Sandy Seibert

Photo Blog: East Meets West in My Backyard by Kathy DeLara

Cranky Thrasher by Carmen C. Christy

Ask Birdsquatch: How to Appease House Wrens; Hummingbird House

Short Stories From Al by Al Batt

SOM Seeking SOF by Nancy Castillo

An adult tree swallow looks out of a nest box intended for eastern bluebirds. Photo by Andrew Cannizzaro, Wikimedia


Editor's Note

BIRDBites: Helping Injured Birds and Eggshells for Eggs


Barn swallows pick up broken, dried eggshells thrown onto a roof. Photo by Bill Thompson, III

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