June 2021

 June 2021

Issue Features

Species Profile: The Common Nighthawk by Dr. David Bird

My Backyard: Nighthawks in My Neighborhood by Dawn Hewitt

Watcher at the Window: Friendly Adbuctions by Julie Zickefoose

10 Fascinating Sights to See in Your Summer Backyard by Bill Thompson, III

Short Stories from Al by Al Batt

Ask Birdsquatch

If you live near bright lights, flat roofs, or trees, listen for the beard call of the common nighthawk feeding on the wing above your backyard on warm evenings. Photo by G.L. Clark / Wikimedia.


Editor’s Note

Bird Bites: Best Practices for Summer Bird Feeding, Rule 1: When Feeding Birds, Do No Harm and Birds’ Legs Are Really Their Feet!

Redstart Birding

Feeding hummingbirds sugar water this summer? A four-parts water to one-part white, granulated table sugar mimics the nectar found in native flowers. Photo by B. Thompson, III.