October 2017

 October 2017

Issue Features

Species Profile: Pileated Woodpecker by Dawn Hewitt

Readers Write: Uninvited House Guest by Dean and Susan Cobb

My Backyard: Denver, Colorado: What Makes Colorado Bird Feeding Different by Scott Menough

Watcher at the Window: The Vulture Knew by Julie Zickefoose

Prepare Your Bird Feeders and Yard for Fall by Nancy Castillo

Not in My House by Julie Zickefoose

Ask Birdsquatch: Hummer Feeder, Garden Clean-up

Short Stories from Al by Al Batt

The Complicated Process of Migration by Eirik A. T. Blom

The pileated is North America’s largest woodpecker. Photo by Mary Roen.


Editor's Note



A male American Goldfinch in winter plumage in Hopewell Township, New Jersey, USA. Photo by N. Siemers / Wikimedia.

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