October 2018

 October 2018

Issue Features

Species Profile: Feeding Wild Turkeys in My Yard by William Gorman

Watcher at the Window: Letting It Go by Julie Zickefoose

Readers Write: The Live Halloween Display by Stella Craig

My Backyard: A Bird-Friendly Space by Regeeter Collins

The Wren's Pajamas by Julie Zickefoose

Ask Birdsquatch

Tips for Better Fall Birding in Your Backyard by Bill Thompson, III

Who Are You Calling a Turkey? by Al Batt

William Gorman, who lives in a wooded area near Albany, New York, rakes up acorns and saves them to feed wild turkeys. The birds are such regular visitors that he has experimented with their food preferences, also offering cracked corn, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, rice, and more.


Editor's Note: What to Expect in Fall

Bird Bites: Watch the Moon for Southbound Migrants. Also: Woodpecker-Friendly Suet Feeders

Blackpoll Warbler in Fall Plumage by Bill Thompson, III

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