October 2019

 October 2019

Issue Features

Species Profile: Towhees by Eirik Blom

Watcher at the Window: Letting It Go by Julie Zickefoose

Why Do Birds Migrate? by Karl Anderson and Liz Anderson

Fall Migration: The Longest Season by Eirik Blom

Ask Birdsquatch

Short Stories from Al by Al Batt

Ten Steps to Get Your Backyard Ready for Winter by Bill Thompson, III

A familiar bird to many North American bird watchers, the towhee—call it rufous-sided, eastern, or spotted—is always a delight to spot in your backyard. Photo by D. Daniels / Wikimedia.


Editor's Note

Bird Bites: Chokecherry is For the Birds and Maintaining Your Backyard Birdbath

A native shrub found commonly from coast to coast, primarily in the northern half of the United States and across southern Canada, is important in helping birds survive winter. Chokecherry photo by Botteville / Wikimedia.

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