Find a Snowy Owl Near You

Where Are the Snowy Owls? Find One Near You

by Kyle Carlsen | Contributor, Bird Watcher’s Digest

Snowy owls are invading the United States in magnificent numbers, with new reports coming in daily. We’ve compiled a handy at-a-glance map to illustrate the southerly movements of these birds this winter.

For detailed, up-to-the-minute reports on snowy owl sightings in your area, check out the live maps at Also, keep an eye on your state’s email listserv or Facebook discussion group. You can also get in touch with your local bird club or state ornithological society to learn more about snowy owl reports in your specific region. New England and the Midwest are the most likely places for a snowy to show up, though they’ve been reported in the Carolinas this winter, with one straying south to Bermuda!

And remember: You can always go out and find a snowy owl yourself! These birds favor treeless habitats that resemble their Arctic tundra home: grasslands, coastal dunes, and other large, open expanses. Watch for them perched atop fence posts or sitting directly on the ground.

Bird Watcher’s Digest wants to remind all observers to please keep a respectful distance between yourself and any owls encountered in the field. By the time these birds reach the lower 48, they are exhausted and hungry. They do not need the added stress of close human interaction. In many cases, a spotting scope will be required to view and/or photograph the birds. Please enjoy snowy owls from a distance.

To learn more about snowy owl migration, check out Project SNOWstorm, a conservation effort co-founded by BWD columnist Scott Weidensaul.

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