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Birdbath Tips

Keep your birdbath clean. It's a simple adage, oft repeated, but the reasons for scrupulosity go beyond hygiene and aesthetics. BWD contributing editor Julie Zickefoose explains.

10 Birds to Attract with Water

Moving water in your backyard created by a mister or dripper is a fantastic way to attract birds. Here are a few of the interesting birds to watch for at your birdbath.

How To: A Solution for Window Strikes

BWD Contributor Julie Zickefoose contrives a solution for a vexing problem. This setup allows full natural light to enter the windows, but safely bounces incoming birds.

Build Your Own: Bird Bath Fountain

This easy bird bath fountain will attract birds to your yard and provide hours of bird-watching enjoyment!

Do It Yourself: Make Your Yard a Haven for Birds

Looking for ways to attract birds to your yard? Offer the four basic things they need: food, water, shelter, and a place to nest.


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