Do-It-Yourself: Prevent Squirrels from Raiding your Bird Feeder

Stop Squirrels From Raiding Your Hanging Feeder

salad baffle
Illustration by Sally Onopa

This baffle prevents squirrels from accessing a hanging feeder from above. Two metal salad bowls, one 10-inches and another 18-inches in diameter, hanging independently of one another, are utilized to this end.

First, wrap a strong length of wire around a selected tree branch. From this, hang a 11/2-inch hook to which have been attached four 6-inch lengths of wire. Drill four holes into the bottom of the smaller bowl and secure a wire through each hole to a single large washer. These wires will hold the 10-inch bowl in place. Attach a large hook to another 6-inch piece of wire. Pass this wire up through a hole in the bottom of the larger bowl and attach it to the large washer. A small piece of pipe may be used between the two bowls for wire stabilization.

Hang your feeder from the hook sticking out from the bottom of the 18-inch bowl.

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