Winter Birding Resources From BWD!

Cardinals photo by Bill Thompson, III / Bird Watcher's Digest

As temperatures plunge, the backyard birds we know and love struggle to find food and shelter to endure the harsh winter elements. We’ve compiled our best resources to help the birds—and help you get the most out of your winter birding. Northern cardinals photo by Bill Thompson, III / Bird Watcher’s Digest

Figuring Out Winter Finches At Your Feeders

Figuring Out Winter Finches

Winter finches have arrived big time in some locales in the East and Midwest. Be prepared to recognize winter finches that might turn up at your feeders this winter with this 11-species review.

Hummingbirds in Winter? Yes, Really!

Winter Hummingbirds

Rufous hummers and some of their regional relatives have become increasingly routine in the Southeast and even up to the Great Lakes and New England—even in weather that makes a well-bundled human think twice about going outside! Learn more about these shockingly hardy little birds and how and why they regularly end up so far out of range this time of year.

Winter Bird Feeding Tips

Winter Bird Feeding Tips

Winter: ’Tis the season for feeding birds all across North America, especially in those regions where it gets mighty cold and snowy. If you are just getting started in bird feeding, or if you are frustrated by a lack of success in attracting winter birds to your feeders, try offering these ten foods.

Top 10 Ways to Help Birds in Bad Weather

Top 10 Ways to Help Birds in Bad Weather

We all know that birds can survive without our help in the winter. Some ornithologists have even suggested that bird feeding is more beneficial to us (humans) than it is to the birds. Be that as it may, studies have shown that birds with access to bird feeders in winter survive at a higher rate than birds that don’t.

Top 10 Things to Do in Winter

Top 10 Things to Do in Winter

Just because the days are shorter and the warblers and hummingbirds are gone from our midst (for most of us, that is) doesn’t mean we should put our binoculars, field guides, and bird watching plans in storage for the winter. There are many activities we can enjoy as backyard bird watchers. Check out some suggestions.

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