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The Midwest Birding Symposium in Lakeside, OH

Remembering the MBS 2009

Wow! It's been a while since the 2009 Midwest Birding Symposium, but the glow still lingers. It's impossible to forget those times when things seem to work out just like you hoped they would. How lucky I felt, being in such a beautiful place on the south shore of Lake Erie with perfect weather, special birds, and nearly a thousand fellow bird watchers—it was overwhelmingly wonderful.

My heartfelt thanks to my family and colleagues at Bird Watcher's Digest, and to my friends and colleagues at The Ohio Ornithological Society, and The Lakeside Association for making the 2009 MBS a reality. To our speakers, sponsors, and attendees go our collective gratitude for making the MBS so special.

From all of us involved in the 2009 Midwest Birding Symposium, thank you, and good birding!

Bill Thompson, III
Bird Watcher's Digest

MBS Attendees

My wife and I attended the MBS this past weekend and, as novice birdwatchers, we had a fabulous time learning and sharing with the group. The speakers were top rate and the events were spaced with enough time to relax and watch the birds at Lakeside. We also saw some species that we were unfamiliar with. As a person who has attended many events like this, I can say that this was a well planned, well executed and, most importantly, a fun event. Congratulations to all who were involved in putting this event together. We are looking forward to the next MBS at Lakeside in two years.

Florian Kete
MBS 2009 Attendee

Notable Blogs About the MBS

Congratulations to Bird Watcher’s Digest and all of their hard working staff who made the event so well attended and so action-packed with great content!

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Sharon Stiteler

The 2009 Midwest Birding Symposium in Lakeside, OH was simply phenomenal. Now I don’t get out to many birding festivals but I nonetheless know a good time when I experience it. Everything about this symposium from the setting to the participants to the presentations to even the birds (more on that in a moment) coalesced into a truly memorable event.

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Mike Bergin

The Midwest Birding Symposium is not only about the birds, but also about the people. One of the highlights of the weekend for me was attending a presentation by Julie Zickefoose based around her book Letters from Eden. Not only did she read passages from her book and tell personal anecdotes, but she, along with her husband Bill Thompson, III, sang us a few songs at the end of her presentation. She's got one soulful voice.

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Heather of the Hills

I really had a good time at the Midwest Birding Symposium recently. It was so great to meet many of the folks I knew from Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and nature sites. Nearly my favorite part.

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Connie Kogler
Birds 'o the Morning

At the recent 2009 Midwest Birding Symposium in Lakeside Ohio, the Kirtland's Warbler was the "IT" bird. IT seemed to have a "magnetic force", capable of attracting all birdwatchers, men and women, alike.

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Nancy Castillo
The Zen Birdfeeder

I recall an interesting conversation I had at the Midwest Birding Symposium on approaches to bird identification. To set the stage, I also dug up a few more decent shots of the Kirtland’s Warbler at East Harbor State Park, western Lake Erie in Ohio (September 18, 2009).

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Laura Kammermeier
Birds, Words, & Websites

The Ohio Ornithological Society, Bird Watcher's Digest, and the Lakeside Association joined forces to pull this 800+ person event off, and we'll be back and bigger than ever in 2011. One of the real positives was the $10,000 that we raised for conservation - $5000 from attendees, and a matching $5000 donated by the Ohio Ornithological Society. Go birders!

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Jim McCormac
Ohio Birds & Biodiversity

MBS Vendors


Just wanted to drop a line and say what a fantastic job everyone did to pull the event together. First class all the way. Our sales were good and I'm already looking forward to 2011.

Hat's off to BWD!

Ben Lizdas
Eagle Optics

Dear Bill,

Thousands of thanks for ALL of the effort you and your staff contributed to a very successful equipment collection drive for Birders' Exchange (BEX). The visibility alone for ABA and BEX at the MBS was terrific, and the added bonus of getting the word out about BEX and having optics donated to the program that will be useful to our colleagues south of the border is invaluable!

You and your staff should take immense pride in knowing that the MBS was a smashing success! I have never known a more helpful group of volunteers.

So many thanks again, Bill, for all you did for ABA/BEX, and for all of the personal touches and care you and your team provided to Wayne and I as well—we had a fantastic time, and hope to come back to the next MBS for sure.

Betty Petersen
Birders' Exchange Director, Hanson, MA
American Birding Association

Bill, thank you for organizing, driving, and "putting the heart" into one of the best birding events that I've attended—from both a commercial and personal perspective. I've been buried in orders, calls, emails, etc. since I arrived home Sunday evening, so please forgive my slight tardiness in expressing my thanks. Note that I did take more orders at the MBS than any other event—ever.

Denese Van Dyne

MBS Staff, Speakers, and Sponsors

BT3 and Jen,

I hope this finds you and every other soul who pulled off the MBS—those helpful hordes in the orange visors—slightly rested after a long and righteous night of well-earned sleep.

It was fantastic, guys. I mean it, the best birding fest of any sort I've ever attended, period. Perfect in every detail. Preserve it in a bubble, because this was museum-quality wonderful.

Scott Weidensaul
MBS 2009 Speaker

The community of Lakeside was thankful and delighted to serve attendees of the Midwest Birding Symposium. We wish to thank all who participated and visited the Chautauqua on Lake Erie. And a big congratulations to Bird Watcher's Digest and Ohio Ornithological Society for organizing this premier birding event. It was a blast!!

Kevin Sibbring
President and CEO
Lakeside Association