The Midwest Birding Symposium 2011: Welcome!


Remembering the MBS 2011

It seems like only yesterday that we were enjoying the 2011 Midwest Birding Symposium at Lakeside, Ohio. What a special joy when things work out just like you hoped they would. How fortunate we were to be in such a beautiful place on the south shore of Lake Erie with perfect weather, special birds, and more than a thousand fellow bird watchers—it was overwhelmingly wonderful.

My heartfelt thanks to my family and colleagues at Bird Watcher's Digest, and to my friends and colleagues at The Ohio Ornithological Society, and The Lakeside Association for making the 2011 MBS a reality. To our speakers, sponsors, vendors, volunteers, and attendees go our collective gratitude for making the MBS so special, once again—and even better than it was in 2009!

From all of us involved in the 2011 Midwest Birding Symposium, thank you, and good birding!

Bill Thompson, III
Bird Watcher's Digest

P.S. If you weren't there with us this past September for the 2011 MBS, please plan to join us for the NEXT MBS in September of 2013 »

What Attendees Said...

I see it like those one of those radar blooms of bird migration, spreading outward from Lakeside today—people feeling good about being birders after doing MBS, learning from each other, seeing birds, making friends, finding encouragement and inspiration.

Job well done. Congratulations and many thanks.


Kudos and a big round of applause to you and the BWD and OOS staff and sponsors who made the 2011 MBS such a wonderful success.

Great place as always and the caliber of speakers and stimulating info presented was phenomenal not to mention the good weather and birding.

Such a welcome relief from the trials and tribulations of the everyday world. Looking forward to the next MBS gathering in 2013.

Thanks for all you do—hope you are taking a week off (really).

Dear Bill and Julie,

Where does one begin? You two are true gifts to this wild and wonderful world. The passion, talent, support, humor, giving nature and over arching love for all things natural best describes you. Patricia and I want to thank you for everything that you did to enable us to attend this amazing event. The VIP party, the talks, field time, and complete help from everyone associated with your event was truly enriching. I can't even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the final splash at the large hall. Julie, your keynote let each and everyone into your personal and talented world with you art and rehab world. You are so gifted. I am honored to know both of you and to consider you as friends. Bill, you are so comfortable and natural in front of your flock with humor, wit and a deep passion for your guests and the experience that you have bestowed upon them.

Hi Bill & Julie,

A quick note—we leave in an hour for the Banff & Jasper trip, but before I'm out the door, I wanted to say what a wonderful time I had at the MBS. It was so well organized, so professional, and so much fun. Bill, I know you've been working on this many months, and it was certainly a job well done. Kudos to all the BWD staff as well. Thanks for inviting me!

I want to express my profound gratitude to the Bird Watcher's Digest family, the Ohio Ornithological Society, the community of Lakeside and all the volunteers, the speakers, the guides, all the people I got to go birding with, and anybody and everybody else that had anything to do with the Midwest Birding Symposium. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I came away a better birder, with a deeper love for birds, and for other birders.

Happy Birding!

Bill, what a terrific festival BWD et al. ran! It really is the friendliest one of all. And you, my friend, are a comic genius! I laughed at all your wisecracks. I felt really bad that everyone was thanked properly...except you. I tried to think of a way to do it without spoiling your flow. Anyway, thanks so much for inviting me—it was a blast!

Hey Bill! I hope you are relaxing and feeling pretty great about pulling off a fantastic event. It was a thrill for me to experience a part of the country that is new to me and to visit Lakeside. John and I were both blown away by how friendly and genuine folks were, especially the Lakeside volunteers. And the sunrises! Both mornings were stunning...the moon, 3 eagles, a caspian tern and sunrise on the beach at Magee Marsh and golden rod, sunflowers and lobelia lit up against a heavy dark sky over wood ducks, a black crowned night heron and great egrets at Meadowbrook Marsh! Wow. Not to mention wonderful speakers, awesome architecture, great music and a spot-on MC! I could go was so worth the trip.

Many thanks, Bill. John and I both had a blast and it was great fun for me to watch him take it all in and enjoy it so.