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MBS Young Birders' Day & Young Birders' Clubhouse

Saturday, September 21, 2013 is Young Birders' Day (YBD) at the MBS! Our friends from The American Birding Association, Lake Erie Wing Watch, the Ohio Young Birders Club, and Columbus Audubon are teaming up to offer a full day of birding fun for kids of all ages and levels of interest. The Rhein Center on the Lakeside campus is going to be the Young Birders' Clubhouse during the MBS and on Saturday it will be filled to the rafters with stuff to do and see.

Activities for Ages 8 to 18: Morning birding walks around the Lakeside grounds will certainly yield some fall migrants passing through. Later in the day a gull and tern ID session down at the Lakeside Pavilion will help young birders gain identification know-how. We'll have a casual and fun birding competition, special optics and digiscoping sessions from some of our vendors, and a Big Sit circle to join for some relaxing birding.

Activities for Ages 8 and under: For the younger birders, we'll have activities from the Flying Wild curriculum and a special, up-close session with the rehabilitation birds from Mona Rutger and "Back to the Wild."

All activities in the Rhein Center/YBD Clubhouse, Hoover Auditorium, the Birders' Marketplace, and the MBS birding sites are free for young birders and their families on Young Birders' Day. Meals and lodging are not included.

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