Join us for an intimate gathering of Bird Watcher's Digest readers for a weekend of Bay Area birding with Alvaro Jaramillo!

Not only does Alvaro write the popular Identify Yourself column in each issue of Bird Watcher's Digest, but he also owns and operates Alvaro's Adventures, and leads birding tours to destinations such as Panama, Chile, Argentina, and Easter Island. A resident of Half Moon Bay, California, Alvaro is at home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and knows the hottest of the local birding hot spots. Are wrentit, black oystercatcher, Heermann's gull, white-tailed kite, or pigeon guillemot on your life list? How about Nuttall's woodpecker or black-headed grosbeak? They will be if you attend! Registration is limited, allowing each participant one-on-one birding time with Alvaro. The DoubleTree Hotel near the San Francisco International Airport will be home base for the event, which kicks off with a bird walk at 2 p.m. Friday, June 20. Expect to bird all day Saturday and until noon Sunday. Learn more »

For participants who want still more, Alvaro will offer a pelagic trip on Monday, June 23, as a separate event (for an additional fee).

About the Pelagic Tour

Half Moon Bay has become a popular sea birding destination in the past few years, due in large part to the reputation of Alvaro's trips and their growing popularity. Fall is the peak for pelagic species, but even in late June, the area is full of birds—masses of sooty and pink-footed shearwaters are good bets, and it is a particularly good time for albatrosses! Black-footed albatross is an expected species, and Laysan is a possibility. Early summer is also the time to see alcids in breeding plumage: common murre, pigeon guillemot, rhinoceros auklet, Cassin's auklet, and maybe even marbled murrelet or tufted puffin.

Various dolphins and porpoises are usually around, too, as well as humpback whale. Blue whale, the largest being on Earth, is also a possibility in late June.

The tour will focus on spotting birds and mammals, but Alvaro will also share the animals' life histories, and identification tips. The trip will leave at 7 a.m. and return to dock around 5 p.m. for a full day out on the Pacific!

Bay Area Birds with Alvaro Jaramillo

June 20-22, 2014
San Francisco, CA

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$600 per person, includes all programs, field trips, and guiding. Lodging is not included.

Add a meal plan for $195/person.

Add a pelagic trip on Monday for $120/person.

A $25 non-refundable registration fee is included. The Reader Rendezvous event fee does NOT include lodging or transportation to/from the event.

Tips and Packing Suggestions

Bay Area weather in June will be mild but possibly damp. High temperatures are around 67 degrees, and lows are in the lower 50s. Along with your binoculars, field guide and other birding gear, bring both rain gear and a hat with a brim. Rain or shine, we will be birding in a variety of habitats.

Lodging and Travel

To make lodging arrangements, contact the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton, San Francisco Airport:

DoubleTree Hotel
835 Airport Boulevard
Burlingame, CA, 94010
Phone: 650-344-5500
Fax: 1-650-340-8551
Web: Visit the hotel website »

Inform the reservationist you are with the READER RENDEZVOUS event by Bird Watcher's Digest to get the special event rate of $129 per night. The room discount is available only with telephone reservations.

Travel note:

The DoubleTree Hotel is conveniently located just 3.5 miles south the San Francisco International Airport off the Bayshore Freeway, U.S. 101. Free shuttle service is provided by the hotel, and rental cars are available at the airport.

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