New Birder's Optics Kit

by Bird Watcher's Digest
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Opticron's Savannah WP 8x30 binocular anchors the collection we call the New Birder’s Starter Kit. This high-quality binocular is light and features waterproofing for field friendliness and ease of use. A wide field of view makes for easy location and tracking of birds. In addition, its long eye relief is comfortable for those who wear glasses.

To add to the enjoyment, we've bundled a year’s subscription to Bird Watcher's Digest. A favorite among birders since 1978, Bird Watcher's Digest will expose the new birder to captivating wonders of the birding world. Subscription includes both print and digital editions of BWD. You will be mailed two certificates for your new subscription. Fill in the appropriate address and return the first certificate to Bird Watcher's Digest to claim your subscription, and use the second one to present as a gift to your new birder. Or you can fill in your own address and keep the subscription as a gift to yourself.