Birds of Prey: Hawks, Eagles, Falcons, and Vultures of North America

by Pete Dunne and Kevin T. Karlson
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A visually stunning, comprehensive resource on North America's birds of prey!

Always a popular group of birds, raptors symbolize freedom and fierceness, and in this definitive guide, these traits are portrayed in hundreds of stunning color photographs showing raptors up close, in flight, and in action—fighting, hunting, and nesting. These gorgeous photographs enhance the comprehensive text, which goes far beyond identification to cover raptor ecology, behavior, conservation, and much more.

About the Authors

PETE DUNNE forged a bond with nature as a child and has been studying hawks for more than forty years. He has written fifteen books and countless magazine and newspaper columns. He was the founding director of the Cape May Bird Observatory and now serves as New Jersey Audubon's Birding Ambassador. He lives in Mauricetown, New Jersey.

KEVIN KARLSON is an accomplished birder, tour leader, and wildlife photographer. Kevin is a coauthor of The Shorebird Guide and two other books.