Bird Watcher's Digest September/October 2006 Issue

by Bird Watcher's Digest
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  • Our Cover Species: Black-throated Blue Warbler by Connie Toops
  • ID Yourself: A Closer Look at Hummingbirds by Jeffrey A. Gordon
  • Life List by Betsy Wiesendanger
  • Bird Profiles Online by A. F. Poole
  • 10 Myths about Birding Optics by Michael & Diane Porter
  • Birding in Blinds by Sue Alspach
  • Making the Tough Ones Easy by Robert Reid
  • First American "Field Guide" by Norma Siebenheller
  • Goose Collars by Rick Bohn

Columns & Departments

  • Letters from Readers
  • Quick Takes by David M. Bird
  • After the Spark: The Beach is Badby Kenn Kaufman
  • Far Afield: Southwest Reservations by Charles J. Babbitt
  • Book Notes
  • All-Weather Birder's Journal by Deborah Griffith

The Backyard

  • Cultivating Nature's Bird Feeders by Mary Boldan
  • Wildfires & Feeder Birds by Anne Marie Johnson & David Bonter
  • The Other Sap Tappers by Kathy Piper
  • Cooper's Hawk by Gayle A. Robison
  • My Way: The Joys of Journaling by Dodie Markey
  • The Bird Watcher's Question Box by Kevin J. Cook
  • Watching Bird Behavior: Birds & Cannibalism by David M. Bird