Bird Watcher's Digest November/December 2007 Issue

by Bird Watcher's Digest
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  • Our Cover Species: Carolina Parakeet by Howard Youth
  • ID Yourself: Small Red Finches by Eirik A.T. Blom & Jeffrey A. Gordon
  • Scavenger Angel: The Turkey Vulture Reconsidered by William H. Funk
  • Saving the Birds on Christmas Day by Kerrie L. Hollihan
  • BWD Optics Field Tests: Midpriced Binoculars by Michael and Diane Porter
  • Choosing Children's Books by Cecily Nabors

Columns & Departments

  • Letters from Readers
  • Quick Takes by David M. Bird
  • After the Spark: Defending a Desert Island by Kenn Kaufman
  • Far Afield: Iowa's Loess Hills by Dave McDermott
  • Book Notes
  • Well-Eqipped Birder: More Crate Expectations by Howard Youth

The Backyard

  • Winter Container Gardening by Kathy Piper
  • Holiday Gifts for Backyard Bird Watchers by Scott Menough
  • Backyard Bird-Feeding Adventures by Susan Pisarra Krisher
  • House Finch Eye Disease by Ginger Walker
  • My Way: Loud and Clear by Arthur R. Lee
  • The Bird Watcher's Question Box by Kevin J. Cook
  • Watching Bird Behavior: Common Nest Predators Exposed by David M. Bird