A Life Gone to the Birds

by Al Batt
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Al Batt, of rural Hartland, Minnesota, is a writer, speaker, storyteller, and humorist. Audiences around the globe have fallen in love with Al's nature stories through his newspaper columns, radio shows, and magazine articles. A Life Gone to the Birds brings together the best of those stories in a delightful collection.

Featuring original illustrations from artist Kevin Pope, the book takes readers back to Al's fledgling years on a dairy farm in Minnesota and follows his many misadventures with skunks, "ghost owls," honey-and-sugar sandwiches, and, of course, birds. As Al grows older, the stories only get more interesting. Each anecdote is served in Al's signature folksy style, lightly seasoned with wit and wisdom.

Anyone who loves birds or just loves to laugh will enjoy this collection of stories.

Paperback. 208 pages.


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