Xpocket Jacket

by Pennwear
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This lightweight, breathable pullover jacket is perfect for a day of birding. Easy to put on for the rain or a chill. Easy to take off when the weather clears or warms. But what do you do with it once it’s off? It comes with its own solution. Convert the jacket into a sling-pack or fanny-pack, and you don't have to worry about keeping a jacket tied around your waist. And there's more. The Xpocket Jacket takes its name from unique construction that allows you to put items into the main pocket while it's a jacket, and you still have access to that pocket and its contents when the jacket is converted into a sling.

These jackets are windproof and highly water-resistant. And, they are customized with the Bird Watcher's Digest logo. Stay warm and dry while showing the world you’re part of the BWD family.

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