Nebraska Morning — Sandhill and Whooping Cranes

by Alan Messer
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"Fortunately sandhill cranes are still familiar to many birders throughout the United States and Canada. They occasionally linger in undeveloped parts of Long Island, and one has even been seen flying over Inwood Hill Park at Manhattan's northern tip, where I'm frequently seen birding. Although I've been unlucky finding whoopers on my jaunts across country, resources abound in N.Y.C. for the wildlife artist. To me their continued survival signifies the successes and challenges of national and international conservation."

Alan Messer is a founding member of, a partnership of artists and photographers dedicated to the conservation of nature. His works have been shown at The Cape May Bird Observatory, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, and the Lincoln Center. His illustrations appear in books, field guides and periodicals.

A limited edition of 300 prints has been created in a horizontal format. The actual image size is 14" x 10", the matted size is 18" x 14", and the framed sized is approximately 20" x 16". Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. The full-color reproduction is printed on a neutral pH, acid-free paper.