Price: $9.99

Virginia Ferris (Posted on 09/24/2014)
The Feather Guard really works. Before I bought several I ran outside every time I heard a bird strike one of our picture windows to try to save it [if it were still alive] from my two cats. It always made me sad to find a suffering bird or one with a broken neck. Now a bird rarely runs into our windows.

sharon mcbride (Posted on 08/15/2014)
I have put featherguards on our large picture window, and have had no bird impacts since that time (approximately two months ago). This window has been there for years and years, but only recently did we have the brush and forest cleared out from in front of it. Then, of course, we had a sad and fatal thud. So I put up 3 featherguards, and bingo, no hits. I am very happy with them.

Valera Harper (Posted on 08/10/2013)
I have tried several products to keep birds from flying into my windows. This is the only one that truly works!

Deborah Collins (Posted on 06/08/2013)
Works 100 percent. Not 1 bump since we installed. Use CLEAR SILICONE to adhere to window. Tried all other things, silouetes, owls etc. None worked like this. PERFECT and I really like the look.

Brenda Brannen (Posted on 05/19/2013)
I had over 300 pine siskins this winter and had a lot of window crashes. Though many of the siskins and goldfinches had left when I purchased and installed FeatherGuards on my big window, I still had numbers remaining. I found that I had fewer crashes right away and, to date, recall of only one collision. If wind, rain, storms, and passage of time wear the FeatherGuards out, I will definitely replace them. They are an inexpensive solution to the big and disturbing problem of bird collisions with windows in which the birds see the natural area reflected in the window. I highly recommend FeatherGuard.

Linda Mc Enery (Posted on 02/14/2013)
It does not deter the mail cardinal from attacking my window.